Summer Reading Program 2018

TD Summer Reading Club

The Coronation Memorial Library is pleased to offer the TD Summer Reading Program for another summer of enjoying literacy, community building, and the continual development of interpersonal skills. Participation in this program is free and a great way to learn more about the services the Coronation Memorial Library offers.

This Club creates an opportunity for youths aged four through 18 to participate in a variety of programs that correspond with the given theme for the summer: feed your passions. Children will have created for them an environment in which they will explore and participate in activities to both fuel and discover old and new passions alike.

“Through books, programs, and conversations, TD Summer Reading Club kids can dive into areas that already fascinate them, dabble in others for new inspiration and discover that their passions have the potential to transform them, their friends, and their world.” (“Theme”, TD Summer Reading Club Staff Site)

Who is running it?

My name is Christine Roland, and I am this year’s Summer Reading Program Coordinator. I have completed two years of my Bachelor of Education Degree at Red Deer College. I will continue my post-secondary journey at RDC through the collaborative Middle Years Program as offered by the University of Alberta. My goal is to return to the Castor/Coronation area to teach and create for my students the same sense of community, inclusion, commitment, and quality of education that I felt as a student. 


Each week of the program will have its own theme to organize the exploration of the passions of our youths. These will include “Sports Week”, “Nature Week”, “Health Week”, “Arts and Crafts Week”, “Technology and Science Week”, “Care and Inclusion Week”, and a week of reflection and celebration of skills learned for a program wind-up. There will be a feature book for each age category each week that will further explore these themes. Children will be read to, read themselves, and have access to the books as suggested by the TD Summer Reading Program.

In addition to creating an organized environment in which to explore these themes and continue to develop children’s literacy skills, this summer’s program will focus on teamwork. We aim to expose the participating youth, and by relation other youths in the community, to tools of which they can use to pursue their passions. To create an opportunity for personal growth in the skills and areas as outlined above will stimulate greater community involvement and reinvestment such skills.

Call for Volunteers and Donations

We look to members of the Coronation, Castor, Brownfield, Veteran, Halkirk, and Fleet communities to help us make this summer one of growth, reading, and fun! Businesses, individuals, and community organizations are greatly appreciated in donating to the TD Summer Reading Program and the children that it serves whatever they are able to: volunteer time, expertise, monetary donations, craft materials, healthy snacks, or books. All sponsors will be thanked on the Coronation Memorial Library website and social media pages. We appreciate the continual efforts and generosity of community members, as it is with their help that we are able to run these programs.


If interested in donating to the TD Summer Reading Program or have any questions, please feel free to contact the Christine Roland of the Coronation Memorial Library at (403) 578 3445 or through our website ( The Library’s mailing address is P.O. Box 453 (5001 Royal Street), Coronation, AB, T0C 1C0.


Please find below a copy of our registration package. 

Our online registration can be found at